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COVIL INDIA is an upcoming Indo-French Private Sector Joint Venture between COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France and Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy, Kolkata ( formerly Calcutta ), India.

COVIL is presently collaborating with SPEC , as its Indian contractor, in multiple arenas of Project Engineering to execute a varieties of Projects, Worldwide , for their Local, National &  International clients with special  emphasis for Projects in India.  

Multiple Engineering services provided by us are mentioned in our services page. Of those multiple services, the details of the Electrical Engineering services that can be provided by us are detailed hereunder :


  • Design and Drawing of Electrical Power and Control cabinets as per the desired parameters and functionalities of the client. 

  • Design and drawing of associated support structures for Electrical installations including Cable Racks, Cabinet support structures, embedded conduits etc.

  • Preparation of Terminal Diagrams and Cable schedules as per drawings along with terminal details.

  • Preparation of Bill of Materials and Quantities ( BOM & BOQ ) as per Electrical drawings and schedules.

  • Planning and Overall Supervision of Electrical installation, cabling and termination jobs at site.

  • Commissioning Assistance.





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