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COVIL INDIA is an upcoming Indo-French Private Sector Joint Venture between COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France and Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy, Kolkata ( formerly Calcutta ), India.

COVIL has successfully executed the following Projects in India. Its founders have the experience of executing several Projects in India in Defense, Govt, Public and Private sectors.

Some details about the experience of Indian Projects executed by the  COVIL & SPEC - M. Jean Pierre Colombo & Mr. Swarup Dutta along with the Projects participated by them earlier.



  • For  Fives Stein, France  

          Indian projects executed:

  • PCS7 programming and commissioning of the handling system of 2 nos. 250MT/h capacity Walking Beam type re-heating furnaces and its Charging and Discharging units at ESSAR - Hazira Plate Mill Project in 2009-10.


  • For  Ermat, France  

  • Currently projects at NALCO, Angul and Hindalco, Hirakud is under execution for installation of multiple Aluminium Melting-cum-Holding Furnaces.




M. Jean-Pierre Colombo , founder of COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France, is a Degree holder in both Mechanical Engineering and Automation and has a variety of Project experience. Major Projects executed by M. Jean-Pierre Colombo in India prior to the formation of the company are as follows :


  • As Sales Director of ERMAT (Tassin, France)  from 2001 to 2004:

          Indian projects executed:

  • 2 nos. 15T Aluminium Melting-cum-Holding  furnaces with Rotary Gas Injector ( RGI ), Aluminium Purification Unit (ALPUR) and Ceramic Foam Filter (CFF)  Those furnaces have been fabricated and installed in Ambajhari, India for Ordnance Factory (Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India).


  • As Project Manager of  ERMAT (Tassin, France)  from 1996 to 2001:

          Indian projects executed:

  • Two Melting Aluminium furnaces for Pechiney Aluminium Engineering: Those furnaces have been fabricated and installed in Hirakud, India for Indian Aluminium Company (INDAL) .




Mr. Swarup Dutta , founder of Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy, Kolkata, India, is a Mechanical Engineer and has an experience for varied types of Projects . Major Projects executed by Mr. Swarup Dutta  prior to the formation of the company are as follows : 


  • As Indian Project  Consultant of Ermat, France (Dec. 2002 to Aug. 2003)


Overall supervision of assembly & erection / installation of Mechanical, Refractory, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation & Process Control equipment and accessories at Ordnance Factory Ambajhari ( OFAJ ) , Nagpur.  Site & Fabrication Contractor workshops. This also includes the modification / up-gradation of Electrical Control Panels.

Necessary trouble shooting of equipment & procedure during the commissioning period and rectification of the same.

Imparting on job training to OFAJ personnel for various aspects of the Furnaces and auxiliary equipments.

Assistance in commissioning of the system.  



  • As Site In-Charge & Project Engineer of KPPL, Kolkata, India (Sep.1995 to Oct. 2002)  


Responsibilities at Head Office of KPPL as Project Engineer:

Estimation, Preparation of Erection Schemes and Schedules, Tender Negotiation, Marketing & Inspection.

Site Visits for Detailed Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Planning ,  Scheduling  &  Overall Supervision of fabrication & erection for  various projects of Kurchi Projects Pvt. Ltd (KPPL). Some of such important projects include Erection of new Caster & Furnaces of PECHINEY, France & ERMAT, France at Indian Aluminium Company - Hirakud  , Shut Down Project of Indian Oil Corporation Limited ( IOCL ) Refinery at Haldia and multiple projects of Stewarts  &  Lloyds of India Ltd (a Tata Subsidiary at that time), Kolkata, including National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) , Damajodi, Expansion Project. 


Major responsibilities at Sites of KPPL   as Site In-Charge


Aug.2001 to Sep. 2002.

At Ordnance Factory Ambajhari , Maharashtra, India

2 nos. 15 MT Aluminium  Melting-cum-Holding Furnace Project of OFAJ with KURCHI as Indian contractor of ERMAT, France.

Responsibility included all the Estimation and Documentation , assistance in Negotiation in the Tendering Stage. During Design and Manufacturing - Detailing of Structural, Piping & Electrical Drawings along with necessary adaptations of Indian Standard Materials & Practices for ERMAT-France and its suppliers including PECHINEY- France and STAS - Canada. The Manufacturing, Assembling, Erection & Installation jobs  were  completed as per the requirement of ERMAT.


Oct. 2000 to May 2001

At Videocon  Narmada Glass - Bharuch, Gujrat, India.

2nd Panel Press Installation Project.

This erection was basically a combination of high precision erection and extensive assembling type. Apart from others common jobs, in this project the job included design and modifications required to match components of LYNCH, USA with those of the CORNING, USA. All the modifications were fully accepted by the Client and American Consultants from LYNCH, USA & TECNEGLAS, USA.. This was only the 2nd Color Picture Tube Panel Press to be installed in India. The Base Pads required very high precision alignment. The Piping (incl. Pickling & Passivation) was also done.


Mar. 1999 to Jun. 1999

At Indian Aluminium Company Limited - Belur , West Bengal, India.  

New Aluminium Coil Slitting Line Installation Project.

Total responsibility of Estimation, Tendering, Negotiation, Design detailing, Planning, Execution and Quality Control of a new Aluminium Coil Slitting Line of MECESA, Spain ( renamed as CIMISA Mecanizados in 2006 ). Apart from the part assembly & Mechanical installation, this job also included detailing  & installation of Electricals and Piping (incl. Pickling & Passivation). Several Technological structures were designed, fabricated and installed at site. In 2000 INDAL was acquired from ALCAN group by HINDALCO, a reputed Aluminium company of India.


Oct. 1998 to Dec.1998

At NICCO Corporation Limited - Cables Division - Shyamnagar, West Bengal, India.

72 Bobbin Stranding-cum-Armoring Machine Overhauling  Project.

The job comprised of total dismantling of all components, assessment and execution of necessary repair & modification works and assembling of all components. The job in this project included precision machining, assembling and alignment of heavy rotary components as per assessment at site.


Sep. 1997 to Oct.1997

At Tata Ryerson Limited - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.

Slitting Line Shut-Down Project.

Job included total responsibility of Estimation, Negotiation, Planning, Execution & Quality Control of the Overhauling (incl. Total dismantling and assembling) of a Steel Coil Slitting Line as per the direction of Tata Technodyne Limited and Consultant of Ryerson, USA.


Sep. 1996 to Jan.1997

At NICCO Corporation Limited - Steel Division - Shyamnagar, West Bengal, India.

Closer Machine - I  Shut-Down Project.

Job included total responsibility of Estimation, Tendering, Negotiation, Design, Planning, Execution and Quality Control of the Modification and Revamping of an old German make Closer Machine.


Dec. 1995 to May 1996

At Indian Oil Corporation Limited - Panipat Refinery Project ( IOCL - PRP Site ), Panipat, Haryana, India.

As Area-in-Charge of Piping in the New Refinery Project.

Job included Planning, Execution, Quality Control and Documentation of 150000"M of A/G and U/G Piping of Ĝ1" to Ĝ60" ERW, Seamless and SS Pipes of Service Lines with Radiography quality joints. The job was executed under the Inspection of Engineers India Limited (EIL).



Mr. Swarup Dutta, as founder and Propreitor of Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy ( SPEC ), is also the Indian representative of two reputed Spanish companies - INDECO. Ingenieria de Control S.L. and CIMISA Mecanizados ( formerly known as MECESA ), Spain, co-operating together to supply in India World class, fully automated, high precision Slitting Lines, Cut-to-length Lines ( CTL ) , Tension Leveler, Electronic Flying Shear and several other products and lines mainly used for processing rolled Aluminium, Steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metal strips. For further details please visit the website of SPEC at http://www.synchronous.biz .

For details of these products and your enquiries please mail to indeco @ indeco . biz ( please delete the anti-spam blanks from the email address ). You may also visit the site of Indeco at  http://www.indeco.biz/indexEN.htm 

Please feel free to contact us for any clarification / queries. 



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