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COVIL INDIA is an upcoming Indo-French Private Sector Joint Venture between COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France and Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy, Kolkata ( formerly Calcutta ), India.

COVIL is presently collaborating with SPEC , as its Indian contractor, in multiple arenas of Project Engineering to execute a varieties of Projects, Worldwide , for their Local, National &  International clients with special  emphasis for Projects in India.  

Multiple Engineering services provided by us are mentioned in our services page. Of those multiple services, the details of the Supervision & Consultancy  services that can be provided by us are detailed hereunder :


  • Overall Supervision and Documentation of Erection and Installation of Projects.

  • Preparation of Erection scheme for Very Heavy Static or High Precision Rotary Equipment erection.

  • Planning and Scheduling of Erection & Installation for optimization of equipment uses.

  • Consultancy support for Tender estimation, Marketing, Tender Negotiation & Technical Meetings, especially in India.

  • Project Engineering Consultancy, Project Management and Solutions.

  • Commissioning Assistance.






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