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COVIL INDIA is an upcoming Indo-French Private Sector Joint Venture between COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France and Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy, Kolkata ( formerly Calcutta ), India.

COVIL has successfully executed several Projects for their Clients in EU.  


  • For Stein Heurtey, France   

  • Intouch (SCADA Level 2) jobs for Benxi I & II Projects, China.


  • For Air Liquide Electronics Systems, France   

  • Modification & Detailing of Electrical Control System AutoCAD drawings for  IBM Fishkill Project, USA.

  • Modification & Detailing of Electrical Control System AutoCAD drawings for  ALA- Texas Instruments Project, USA.


  • For Aeroform, France   

  • Design, Supply, Supervision and Commissioning of total Automation System of Special Utility Autoclave Furnaces, operated with Eurotherm PLC and SCADA Level 2 systems for A.I.A. Clermont Ferrand, France.


  • For Actemium, France   

  • IFix (SCADA Level 2) related jobs for Air Liquide, France.

  • Various AutoCAD related standardization and detailing jobs for multiple clients in USA & EU.




M. Jean-Pierre Colombo , founder of COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France, a Degree holder in both Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and has executed several jobs for Clients in EU prior to the formation of the company. A glimpse of some of the major Projects executed by him.



  • ERMAT (Tassin, France) from 2001 to 2004: Sales Director


  • ERMAT (Tassin, France) from 1996 to 2001: Project Manager


            Main projects in EU :

  • One quenching and tempering equipment for bars (dia. max 340mm,max length 14m) for ASCOMETAL FOS/MER (FRANCE) including:

    • One screw furnace

    • One quenching equipment (ERMAT patent)

    • Two tempering furnaces


  • One furnace charging equipment for a walking beam furnace 100T/h (max 140x140mm, length. 6.6m) for Laminés Marchands Européens (FRANCE)



  • STEIN-HEURTEY (France) from 1985 to 1996.


  • Project Manager (from January 1993 to 1996).

            Main project in EU:

  • One Sodium Silica Electrical melting furnace in GLOMFJORD (NORWAY)


  • Commissioning coordination engineer (from March 1991 to January 1993).

            Main projects in EU:

  • One slabs reheating furnace in AVESTA (SWEDEN).

  • One strip annealing line in OVIEDO (SPAIN).

  • Two Aluminium melting furnaces in NEUF-BRISACH (FRANCE).


  • Commissioning Engineer (from May 1985 to September 1987).

         Main project in EU:

  • Commissioning of the PLC of a slabs reheating furnace in ALGECIRAS (SPAIN) duration 6 months.







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