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COVIL INDIA is an upcoming Indo-French Private Sector Joint Venture between COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France and Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy, Kolkata ( formerly Calcutta ), India.



COVIL & SPEC has successfully executed several Projects for ultimate clients outside EU and India. 


  • For Ermat, France   

  • Intouch (SCADA Level 2) & Siemens S7-400 PLC jobs along with full commissioning and trial run responsibility for Mersen Chongqing (formerly Carbone Lorraine), Chongqing, China, Graphite Baking Furnaces ( BF1 - BF5 ) Installation Project.

  • Modification of all the burners from single fuel of Natural Gas to triple option fuels of Natural Gas or Fuel Oil ( Diesel )for main burners and Natural Gas or LPG for Pilot Burners. 

  • Similar jobs for CLCQ BF6 Furnace is currently under progress.

  • Mass flow meter calibration unit systems at the site have been commissioned.


  • For Stein Heurtey ( Five Steins ), France   

  • Automation & commissioning jobs for Five Steins Project, Magnitogorsky, Russia.

  • Automation & commissioning jobs for Five Steins Isdemir Project, Turkey.

  • Similar job for handling portion of Five Steins Walking Beam Furnace at Essar Steel Project, Hazira is currently under progress. This Project involves programming, modification and commissioning jobs involving PCS7 of Siemens.


  • For Stein Heurtey, France   

  • SCADA jobs for POSCO Project, Korea.


  • For Stein Heurtey, France   

  • Intouch (SCADA Level 2) jobs for Benxi I & II Projects, China.


  • For Air Liquide Electronics Systems, France   

  • Modification & Detailing of Electrical Control System AutoCAD drawings for  IBM Fishkill Project, USA.

  • Modification & Detailing of Electrical Control System AutoCAD drawings for  ALA- Texas Instruments Project, USA.


  • For Actemium, France   

  • Various AutoCAD related standardization and detailing jobs for multiple clients in USA.




M. Jean-Pierre Colombo , founder of COVIL Ingénierie, Lissieu, France, a Degree holder in both Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and has executed several jobs for Clients outside EU & India prior to the formation of the company. A glimpse of some of the major Projects executed by him around the world.



  • STEIN-HEURTEY (France) from 1985 to 1996.


  • Project Manager (from January 1993 to 1996).

            Main projects executed outside EU and India:

  • One coating line for MAGHREB TUBES (MOROCCO)

  • One billets walking beam reheating furnace in PENANG (MALAYSIA)


  • Commissioning coordination engineer (from March 1991 to January 1993).

           Main project executed outside EU and India:

  • One slabs reheating furnace in ILLIGAN (PHILIPPINES).


  • Commissioning Engineer (from June 1989 to March 1991).

           Main projects:

  • Commissioning of the PLC of an Aluminium melting furnace in PUERTO-ORDAZ (VENEZUELA) duration 4 months.

  • Commissioning of a ladle reheating and degassing furnace  in SYDNEY (CANADA) duration 8 months.

  • Commissioning manager for two slabs reheating furnaces in BALTIMORE (U.S.A.) duration 8 months.

  • Industrial software engineering (from September 1987 to June 1989).

        Main projects:

  • Strip galvanizing line heat exchange software

  • Strip galvanizing line Level 2 automation software


  • Commissioning Engineer (from May 1985 to September 1987).

          Main project executed outside EU and India:

  • Commissioning manager of a strip annealing line in CILEGON (INDONESIA) duration 11 months.







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